Damon Clear Braces

Taking the Damon Smile one step further, Damon Clear Braces combine innovative technology with nearly invisible brackets. These clear brackets allow the high-tech archwires to easily slide as the treatment progresses. This methodology has been clinically proven to comfortably re-position teeth quickly with the most beautiful end result for the patient.

Though the Damon Smile already features a substantially shorter treatment time than traditional braces, patients often want to conserve a sense of discretion, and not have everyone know they are working to straighten their teeth. This holds especially true in Jacksonville where we’re constantly outside, active and with family or friends. How we appear to our co-workers, colleagues and neighbors matters to us. Now, with this nearly invisible system, you can get the end result you deserve without the limitations of tray systems, such as Invisalign.

Below are just a few of the fantastic reasons to consider Damon Clear Braces for your smile:

· Sleek engineering makes for less irritating braces
· Substantially diminished need for expanding hardware or surgery
· Tinier, slimmer, transparent brackets offer privacy
· Not all Orthodontists can become Damon Doctors, only the best make the cut
· Damon Clear Braces patients can have their treatments complete in as little as 12 months
· The absence of traditional rubber band ties means fewer food traps and cleaner teeth

Bring all this together with the extraordinary experience only found at Beaches Orthodontics in Jacksonville Beach, and you’ll quickly have the most beautiful and healthy smile of your life! It all starts by taking less than 30 seconds and completing the form on the right to schedule your free, no obligation visit with one of our orthodontists. So what are you waiting for? You deserve the smile you’ve always wanted. We proudly serve patients throughout Greater Jacksonville including: Ponte Vedra, Northside, Atlantic Beach, Westside, St. Augustine, Southside and Arlington.


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