Insignia Braces

For the best thing to happen to your smile since the toothbrush, look no further than Insignia braces. Jacksonville Beach patients can now experience this revolutionary technology first hand at Breaches Orthodontics. What makes Insignia different? This system combines your doctor’s education, experience and insight with 3-D computer modeling to produce your prefect smile, before the braces are ever applied!

First, during your free consultation, your orthodontist will determine if Insignia braces are right for you. Next, precise impressions are taken of your teeth and bite which are then sent off to the Insignia Smile Lab. Your impressions are scanned and brought into a 3-D modeling system as a single upper and lower jaw. Then, through specialized software and a team of computer modeling technicians, each tooth is separated so it can be digitally manipulated. Dr. Patel is then able to digitally place your custom brackets on each tooth, time-lapse your smile forward and see the results. Brackets are adjusted and this process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Your next meeting with the doctor will be to approve your new smile. The approval is sent back to the Insignia Smile Lab and your custom brackets are manufactured. This initial process can take up to 35% off the treatment time as fewer physical adjustments are necessary since they were done digitally. By taking the “guess work” out of orthodontics, you will achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, faster than you ever thought possible.

insignia diagramDuring the application process, each of your custom fit Insignia brackets are positioned on your teeth precisely where the computer model indicated. Once applied, the brackets are fitted with one-of-a-kind wires made especially for you based on the treatment plan set by your orthodontist. You will visit our office in several weeks to check on the progress of the treatment. Many patients experience the complete movement of their teeth within the first 60 days.

So what are you waiting for? Get the smile you’ve always wanted, and deserved. It’s your time to shine with a new Insignia smile! Simply complete the quick contact form on the right to schedule your free consultation with Beaches Orthodontics. We proudly serve patients throughout Greater Jacksonville including: Northside, Atlantic Beach, Southside, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Arlington, and Westside.


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