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Like it or not, few of us are born with a perfect smile. Daily habits, childhood experiences, diet and genetics all play a part in the appearance of our teeth. Many advances have been made in orthodontics and today’s braces are better than ever before.

If you live in or near Jacksonville Beach, then visit Patel & Carden Beaches Orthodontics for a free braces consultation. Our doctors will review your dental history, take panoramic x-rays and perform a thorough examination of your mouth. We will then recommend a treatment plan and brand of braces to give you the straightest smile of your life.

Several financing options are available, making braces more affordable than ever. If you already have a brand of braces in mind, then select it below for more information

Braces Enhance your Well Being

A perfect smile is not only attractive, it also fosters good health:

  • Correctly aligned teeth chew more competently, which aides digestion.
  • Studies by the American Association of Orthodontists have shown that crowded and teeth are difficult to clean and sustain. This can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.
  • Aligned teeth form a better bite, which can reduce headaches, stress, and strain on the bones and tissues in your skull and jaw.
  • Recent studies have shown that oral health and gum disease are linked to heart disease.

Often, many minor orthodontic problems can become far more severe when left untreated. A misaligned smile can cause excessive gum stress, abnormal wearing of the teeth, misalignment of the jaw and inefficient chewing.

Proper treatment by our doctors to correct minor orthodontic conditions is often far less expensive than the added dental care necessary to treat more serious problems which can develop later in life. There is no “right” age to seek orthodontic treatment; our patients range from young children to their grandparents, and everyone in between.

Get the smile you deserve and start enjoying results that last a lifetime, today. Contact Patel & Carden Beaches Orthodontics for your free, no obligation today!


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