Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Patel may recommend orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) to treat more severe orthodontic cases involving abnormalities in the facial bones.  These abnormalities in the jaws and teeth can lead to difficulty in chewing, sleeping, speaking and other everyday activities.  When combined with orthodontic treatment, orthognathic surgery can correct these problems and improve the appearance of your facial profile.

How Does Dr. Patel Determine If Surgery Is Needed?

orthognathic surgery animationAt our office, we use the latest in digital imaging technology.  This data allows us to demonstrate the overall aesthetic and functional benefits of the surgery.  Our computerized treatment planning minimizes treatment time, recovery periods and the overall effectiveness of your surgery.

After an initial examination and review of x-rays and photos, Dr. Patel will discuss your treatment options. If surgery is indicated, she will recommend an oral maxillofacial surgeon specializing in orthognathic surgery.  Should you decide to proceed with the recommended surgery, Dr. Patel will discuss the treatment plan and goals with the surgeon and plan accordingly.

What Types Of Appliances Are Used In Surgery?

High-tech medical materials, like titanium plates and specialized screws, provide the needed strength and stability for a predictable result.  Recent advances in orthognathic surgery reduce the overall post-surgical recovery time and allow patients to return to their regular routines shortly after the procedure.

Patients with metal allergies should notify both Dr. Patel and the oral surgeon during the consultation appointment.  Your surgeon may recommend using alternative appliances made completely of organic polymers.  These devices have been used for several years and have proven to be highly effective.  For more information on studies of these types of appliances, please read the National Institutes of Health report.

Is Orthognathic Surgery Right For Me?

Keep in mind that orthognathic surgery may not be necessary if one of our standard orthodontic treatments can correct the problem.  With the latest advances in orthodontics, especially treatments like our Insignia system, orthognathic surgery can often be avoided.

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