Reduce Treatment Time With AcceleDent

This hands-free, easy to use device is specifically designed for faster orthodontic treatment.  Using gentle micropulses (SoftPulse Technology®), the process of bone remodeling is accelerated, resulting in up to 50% faster tooth movement.

Is AcceleDent Safe?

During initial testing and a U.S. clinical trial the AcceleDent device was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration as a Class II medical device, available only by prescription from your doctor.  Further, patients using AcceleDent have reported reduced discomfort with their braces.

How Do I Use AcceleDent?

man using acceledentDesigned to be a convenient modern device, AcceleDent is easily charged via USB from any compatible power source.  Prior to first use, fully charge your device overnight and allow 2 hours for complete charging going forward.  While charging, the LED indicator will flash orange; when fully charged it will turn solid green.  Once charged insert the mouthpiece into the activator, and then press the power button.  Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and gently bite down with just enough force to keep the device in place.  Keep the device in your mouth for twenty minutes; the unit will automatically power off when time is up.  When done, remove the mouthpiece from the activator and rinse in warm water.  Be sure to never get the activator wet, as it is not water resistant.

To learn more about this revolutionary device, contact Dr. Patel or ask about it during your next adjustment. You can also visit for more information.



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